Our Company offers design through manufacturing services for our clients. Below is a listing of the services we offer.

• Prototype, fast response machining
• Production machining
• Product design
• Automation equipment design
• Assembly
• Fabrication
• Just in time (JIT) inventory
• Warehousing
• Offshore procurement
• Kitting

Some of our current projects require only one of the above services we offer such as production machining and others require the full gamut. Regardless of the scope of your project, we are always interested in assisting our clients with new, challenging projects.
CVM services the following industries among others:
• Aerospace
• Medical
• Industrial Tools
• Defense
• Food Packaging
• Automotive
• Petroleum Equipment
• Industrial Equipment

Please contact Cambridge Valley Machining, Inc. if you are seeking a professional, dedicated partner to provide a complete solution for your manufacturing needs.